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WHEF [email protected] Angeles Flyer

The World Hindu Economic Forum (WHEF) brings together financially successful elements within Hindu society so that each group can share their business knowledge, experience, expertise and resources with their fellow brethren. We encourage, support and mentor budding Hindu entrepreneurs. The end goal is to generate surplus wealth and make society prosperous. WHEF [email protected] Angeles Flyer

WHEF [email protected] Angeles Brochure

USA is the premier economic power in the world. It is driven by a spirit of entrepreneurship and leads the world in fields of finance and technological innovation. There are multiple opportunities for growth across the length & breadth of this vast nation. Los Angeles (LA) is the third-largest economic metropolitan area in the world. […]

WHEF [email protected] Speaker Presentation

The 4th annual WHEF conference was held in London, from Sept 11 – 13, 2015. This links contains all speaker presentations delivered during the 3 day conference. Affordable Capital for Business & Industry – Hiren Singharay An Enterpreneur’s view on Culture Of Business – Nat Puri Challenges of a young entrepreneur and key to Success […]