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Swamiji’s Words –

“Despite being billion strong, the Hindu Society has not been able to command the respect and dignity it deserves and the root cause of it is the decline in economic strength. The Hindu population and GDP fell from 33% of Pre-Islamic invasion era to under 2% during the British Colonial rule on Bharat and since then Bharat which is largely a Hindu majority country has not been able to come up on its feet.

However 70 years was enough for Jews, Japanese, South Koreans, Chinese to show a complete economic turn and to be able to command the respect a Nation is desirous of. This dignity is still eluding the larger Hindu society.
For us to command that respect that our ancestors commanded, we need to strategically focus in economic growth of our people. The key areas of which are:

  1. Global collaboration for better market access
  2. Availability of appropriately priced capital for Financial ecosystem
  3. Lead the market with technical innovations
  4. Connecting and engaging Hindu human resource capital
  5. Encouraging, supporting and mentoring budding Hindu entrepreneurs.

To focus and develop these for growth of any business/ enterprise is the prime purpose of World Hindu Economic Forum.
We have worked in this direction with this vision in the last decade and have great success stories to vouch for the strength of our strategy and network.”

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