WHEF 2016@Los Angeles Sponsorship Brochure


World Hindu Economic Forum 2016@Los Angeles is being organized by World Hindu Economic Forum (WHEF) on November 18, 19 & 20, at Irvine, CA, USA. This is the 5th annual WHEF conference, and going by the success of past conferences, it promises to be a great opportunity for Hindu businesses to network & collaborate. Delegates from all over the world are expected to attend – they will be from the ranks of prominent industrialists, businesspersons from diverse industries, bankers, international traders, economists and senior professionals. The event will have extensive networking opportunities. This will facilitate cooperation and mutual benefits.

World Hindu Economic Forum seeks sponsorship to enable the 2016 conference.

The benefit to your organization would be brand building, visibility and enhanced business opportunities.

Different sponsorship levels are as under:

  1. Platinum Sponsorship – 50 K USD
  2. Diamond Sponsorship – 25K USD
  3. Gold Sponsorship – 10K USD
  4. Silver Sponsorship – 5K USD