Upcoming Events

Event: WHEF 2023@Bangkok
Date: 24, 25, 26 November, 2023
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Theme: Jayasya Aayatnam Dharmah, meaning  “Dharma, the Abode of Victory

The World Hindu Economic Forum (WHEF) is organizing a WHEF 2023@Bangkok as part of third World Hindu Congress (WHC) to be held In Bangkok, Thailand from 24-26 November 2023.

The World Hindu Economic Forum (WHEF) brings together executives, entrepreneurs, and industrialists alongside economists and business strategists to share real world experiences and knowledge about surplus wealth creation for widespread prosperity. This conference also seeks to explore avenues for generating inclusive prosperity ethically, and inspiring Hindus to re-emerge as agents for global prosperity and happiness.

The WHEF journey began in 2012 at Hong Kong, followed by successful annual forums in Bangkok 2013, New Delhi 2014, London 2015, Los Angeles 2016, Chicago 2018, Mumbai 2019 and several regional forums along the way.