1] What is the full form of WHEF?

 World Hindu Economic Forum

[2] What is the full form of HEF?

 Hindu Economic Forum

[3] Who are the promoters of WHEF/HEF?

  A group of committed Economists, Academicians, Industrialists, Businessmen, Bankers, Professionals and activists.

[4]Why were these organisations created?

 Hindus contributed 35-49% of the World economy from 1st century to 15 century CE. The Hindu knows how to create wealth and also freely shares this knowledge. During the period of Islamic invasion and colonial rule, Hindu civilization substantially lost means of production, trade and commerce which led to the destruction of its economic prowess. The Hindu needs to regain this lost status. WHEF wants Hindus to cooperate and collaborate globally so that market access and appropriately priced capital is facilitated among them, and technologically savvy Hindus are matched with those who can convert technical innovation into business.

[5] What is the Vision ofWHEF?

 Making Society Prosperous

[6] What is the Vision ofHEF?

 Grow together. Share together

[7] What is the mission of WHEF?

 Creating and Sharing Surplus Wealth

[8] What is the mission of HEF?

 Create wealth with 100 hands and share it with 1000 hands

[9] What is the philosophy of WHEF/ HEF

 Dharmasya Moolam  Arthah (Economy is the strength) (~ Kautilya’s Arthashastra)

[10] What are the main activities of WHEF/HEF?

  • Provide a platform to promote business and facilitate networking
  • Knowledge/Information sharing related to Business and Economy
  • Providing expert connectivity
  • Access to data base of PEs (Private Equity), VCs (Venture Capital), Investors etc.
  • Organising economic conferences across the world
  • Local chapter activities for regular interactions

[11] How can one associate with WHEF?

  • By becoming delegates and attending regional, national and international economic conferences.
  • By joining Hindu Business Network (HBN) an interactive platform to facilitate world wide networking
  • By donating to WHEF

[12] How one can associate with HEF?

  • By becoming a member of the organisation and participating in its chapter level activities. This will also get you access to Hindu Business Network (HBN)
  • By donating to HEF
  • By spreading the philosophy of the organisation and helping the organisation to achieve its Mission

[13] Who can become members of WHEF?

  WHEF is not a membership organization. However, Business organizations, chambers, and associations can affiliate with WHEF.

[14] Who can become members of HEF?

 Those engaged in business activity of any kind (Industries/SMEs and MSMEs/Traders/ Export Houses/Supply Chain companies etc.), Bankers, Economists, Academicians and Professionals.

[15] What are the benefits of joining HEF?

  • Networking & professional connect with other chapter members
  • To promote business and products in the particular HEF chapter
  • To attend any HEF events
  • Complimentary membership to HBN for the first year
  • Receive publications generated by local chapter and HEF from time to time
  • Knowledge sharing on Economic matters relevant to all
  • Connect with domain experts

[16] How do you provide connectivity?

 Through International Conferences, Local activities of members’ regular meetings, knowledge sharing and getting inputs from expert speakers, and exchanging business requirements etc. Also, through our interactive platform – Hindu Business Network (HBN). HBN’s tagline is, “Connections, Ideas, Opportunities.” So through HBN, one gets connected, can share ideas & thoughts, and explore & post opportunities. Besides, one can also post jobs on HBN to attract the best talent.

[17] How do you connect with the Youth?

 Through Young Hindu Entrepreneur Network (YHEN) HEF has a network of young entrepreneurs for the purpose of focusing on budding, young, and new entrepreneurs, and providing mentorship to them. This entrepreneur network will work in parallel to other activities of HEF and will be governed and managed by the rules and regulations that are published and approved by the primary members of HEF. This network may consist of:

  1. City / province chapters
  2. Events & Networking with focus on entrepreneurship
  3. Training to promote entrepreneurship
  4. Research and other activities in the field
  5. Any other thing that may be relevant

[18] Do you also encourage Women to participate in your activities?

 There is a specific network for women as well. Details are as under:- Hindu Women Entrepreneur Network (HWEN) This is a network specifically to encourage and promote entrepreneurship among women. It will work in parallel to other activities of HEF and will be governed and managed by the rules and regulations that are published and approved by primary members of HEF.  This network will have participation only from women but will collaborate with other organizations. This network may consist of

  1. City/province chapters
  2. Events & Networking focusing on women entrepreneurship
  3. Training to promote entrepreneurship among women
  4. Research and other activities in the field of entrepreneurship
  5. Any other things that may be relevant to women entrepreneurship

[19] What are your contact details?

   Address: World Hindu Economic Forum, No.210, 2nd Floor, SCO Complex, Sector – 9, Gurgaon Haryana, Bharat – 122001

   Office  Landline No.: +91 124-4554871/ 4601361 Email : info@wheforum.org

[20] Why HEF, when you had already floated WHEF?

 WHEF is a non-member organisation that provides a platform for Hindus across the world to connect, collaborate and grow. To facilitate membership and maximum participation, HEF was floated as a membership based/driven organisation, under which we shall open chapters all over the world. HEF will be affiliated with WHEF. A well-defined membership policy and Chapter policy are in place for HEF. These policies are designed to facilitate our members to meet regularly, deliberate on matters concerning economy in general & each other in particular, collaborate and help each other, in line with our our Mission -” Grow together. Share together”.

(Please send any query to: info@wheforum.org)