Hindu Economic Forum (HEF)

Hindu Economic Forum (HEF) (www.hindueconomy.org) brings together various elements within Hindu society such as industrialists, business persons, traders, bankers, technocrats, investors, professionals, economists, academicians and  thinkers, so that each  group  can share  their knowledge, experience, expertise and resources  with  their  fellow brethren.  We encourage, support  and mentor budding Hindu entrepreneurs. The end goal is to make society prosperous.

Today, Bharat has the potential to emerge as a leading economic power, but there is a need to leverage the economic opportunities through collaboration and cooperation. Our ancestors have expressed their wisdom in the Vedas “Sat Hasta Samahara, Sahastra Hasta Sankira”, which means “Create wealth with 100 hands and share it with 1000 hands”. Taking inspiration from our ancient wisdom, our ancestors contributed 35% of the world economy from the 1st to 15th century; sharing of this wealth ensured a just and prosperous society. That prosperity was lost during the period of Islamic invasion, colonial rule and post Industrial Revolution.

We have two examples from recent years that show how communities and nations can regain their strength when they work with a spirit of cooperation and single-minded dedication. Jews rebuilt themselves in the 20th century, even after enduring the Holocaust, through networking, community support and organisation. Today, the Jewish community is an economic superpower of the world. Another example is of the Chinese. Today, China has become the second largest economy in the world, and by using their economic strength they are building their military and political strength.

Hindus need to strengthen the Hindu economy so as to shape the future of Hindu civilization. We Hindus want to live with dignity and respect, and we also want our Hindu civilization and society to be recognized and respected in the world. It is possible only if we achieve at least 16 % of the world GDP, proportionate to our population, in the next 15-20 years. When we achieve such economic strength, we will be able to fulfill the needs of our population and also acquire respect in the global community. To achieve this position, we need to create a world class business and economic platform where Hindus can cooperate and collaborate; a strong and sustainable institutional framework that will help and propel the Hindu economy to move forward and generate surplus wealth. Previous generations have suffered and have been disadvantaged as they did not have such a platform. Hindu Economic Forum is providing that platform so that future generations prosper and emerge strong.

HEF will be the organization under which chapters will be formed, providing Hindus a local platform in their city/region to meet, interact and collaborate; apart from the global virtual network that WHEF provides.  If any query please contact us on info@hindueconomy.org

VISION Grow Together. Share Together .
MISSION Create wealth with 100 hands and share  it with 1000 hands.
PHILOSOPHY Dharmasya Moolam Arthah (Economy is the Strength) ~ Acharya Chanakya

WEBSITE: www.hindueconomy.org