Expert Empanelment

Applications are invited for empanelment from experts in different fields such as project appraisal, providing credit linkages, monitoring/mentoring, marketing, help in forward and backward linkages, financial, technical (general & industry specific), HR, legal and corporate consulting etc. Referred to the expert by any of our stake holders, on mutually agreed terms between the stake holder and the expert.

The World Hindu Economic Forum (WHEF) is a not for profit company, registered under section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956. The Forum espouses cause of Hindu Business persons/Economists/Bankers/Thinkers/Professionals/Academicians etc., across the world. The Forum also organizes well attended conferences world over. We have so far held conferences at Hongkong, Bangkok, New Delhi and London. WHEF is one of its kind, a well-recognized and respected platform for the Hindu community.

The Forum is now in the process of establishing an interactive portal for the exclusive use of its large WHEF community, spread world over, to establish linkages for business development, seeking guidance on project related matters, technical, Financial, Legal, HR related, the Government Policies of Bharat/ other countries and related matters etc. This requires empanelment of experts in various fields, technical as well as non-technical, to assist the WHEF community, in the fields mentioned above. The experts are needed for industrial technologies related to manufacturer of entire value chain of capital goods. Financial and project experts are needed for project appraisal, evaluation, monitoring, project management, providing marketing support, guiding on forward and backward linkages, HR, Legal, Policy (GOI and or other countries policies) and other related matters. We are looking for experts, who are willing to devote time and provide expertise for the cause of the community, on mutually agreed terms and at minimum charges, as this is for the cause of community at large.

Who can be an expert?
You have a chance of being empanelled as an expert, if you have 5 year’s expertise in any of the relevant fields as stated above.

What countries can experts come from?
Expert from any country can register.

What do expert assignments involve?
Experts will assist and guide the WHEF community on issues referred to them, depending upon their expertise.

Other Terms:
Only such Hindu persons/Organisations may apply, who if empanelled are willing to host their details on the proposed interactive Portal, so that WHEF community can access for consulting.

Mere application is no guarantee for empanelment.

Intending applicants may apply online. To apply click on the Format for empanelment of experts by WHEF

Please apply within 45 days of this notice