Hindu Business Network (HBN)

Hindu Business Network (HBN)www.hindubn.com – is an online business networking platform to connect the world wide Hindu community, particularly business people, entrepreneurs and professionals.

As the HBN tagline “Connections. Ideas. Opportunities” suggests, the aim of HBN is to connect various elements within society so that experience,  expertise, resources  and opportunities get shared, leading to mutual gain. With HBN, Hindus spread across the world can stay connected through the year and build on the relationships developed during annual conferences and other events.

All WHEF delegates (those who have attended an annual conference or other WHEF event) will get complimentary access to HBN.

Any Hindu above 18 years of age, or any organization that accepts the aims and objectives of WHEF shall be eligible to submit an application for participation in HBN. The decision of WHEF in this matter will be final; in case of rejection, conveying of the reason is not binding.

To register for HBN, please fill out the HBN Membership Form – the WHEF Secretariat will process your request within 48 hours and if accepted, you will receive an email invite to join the network. For any queries regarding HBN, please send an email to info@hindubn.com