WHEF2020@TheHague postponed due to Covid-19

WHEF Admin
13.09.21 12:49 PM Comment(s)

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the government of the Netherlands has extended the intelligent lockdown, including a restriction for public meetings and events until 1st September 2020.The WHEF2020 Organizing Committee has no other option to postpone WHEF2020@TheHague scheduled for July 2020. It is currently unsure if and when a WHEF conference can be organized in The Netherlands. 

Our hearts go out to the individuals and entrepreneurs affected by the virus. 
We applaud all medical staff and all others for working around the clock to keep society safe and healthy. 
We thank our committee members, partners, confirmed speakers and all other supporters of WHEF for their efforts and guidance. 

In case of queries, please send your question to whef2020@wheforum.org or info@wheforum.org.