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How Trump tariffs on steel and aluminum can affect the global economy
Trump tariffs can hurt global trade by as much as 6%, annually. Background Readers would recall that Trump had promised to his supporters that he would bring back jobs to the Americans. Over the years, several American steel
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Is Europe going to be the next startup capital of the world
Long reviled as being ultra-conservative in doing business, Europe now plans to throw a serious challenge to China and United States in the start-up business. Last week at a summit, France and Germany pushed the European Innovation Council
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How good is Russia an investment destination
Is Russia a good investment destination for global businesses? This article takes a hard look at the attractiveness of this country. How does World Bank assess Russia? Russia emerged from recession in 2017. This was because of three reasons
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Doing business in Africa- How can American companies succeed
This article focuses on how American enterprises can conduct business in Africa. This continent is home to 6 of the ten fastest growing economies in the world. Until now, President Trump has not spelled out a coherent economic policy
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Modi-Putin summit at Sochi- there are business opportunities for us?
The Modi-Putin summit at Sochi is expected to take stock of Bharat-Russia relations. What are the business opportunities in Russia for Hindu businessmen? The agenda-less Modi-Putin summit comes on the heels with the Bharat-China dialogue held in Wuhan
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Brexit-Scotland rejects UK law for exiting European Union
Theresa May’s Brexit legislation has been struck down by the Scottish parliament by a huge margin. Britain watchers say that a constitutional crisis looms ahead in the days to come. This Tuesday, the Scottish parliament rejected the idea
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CHOGM 2018- Bharat-UK relations post Brexit
The Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting (CHOGM 2018) is being hosted by the UK Government this week.Post- Brexit, UK is working hard to rebuild trade relations with members of the Commonwealth
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E Commerce In Bharat, A Tide Lifting Many Boats
Bharat, with an estimated population of 1.2 billion, had more than 900 million mobile subscribers in 2014. Of these, about 150 million were smartphone subscribers. As more and more people get connected to high-speed Internet
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Challenges of a Young Entrepreneur and Key to the Success
The great global bonfire that is capitalism, which provides much needed light and heat in an otherwise cold and dark world, in the form of money supply and trade requires entrepreneurship as its fuel. Entrepreneurship can be farmed from the human
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StartUp Funding and VC Landscape in Bharat
The word ‘Unicorn’ had probably never been used as much as it is right now among the Bharatiya early stage enterprise circles. In the Startup ecosystem, a unicorn is a fast growing enterprise that crosses the most prized billion
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